IMTG Submersible Tank Gauging Level Transmitter

The IMTG has been designed for use in continuous submersion in liquids such as water, oils and fuels in small tanks and containers where conventional mechanical level switches and sensors are not ideal and more level ‘control’ and measurement is required. The IMTG submersible device uses a silicon pressure sensor which has excellent performance and stability. It is ideal for applications where a small tank level is required from as low as 1m through to 10m high tanks.

Nominal Pressure:
0-1 mWG to 0-10 mWG
Output Signals:
2-wire: 4-20 mA / 3-wire: 0-10 V others on request

+44 (0)117 9654615


Pressure range and engineering units, Pressure reference (Gauge or Sealed Gauge), Output Type, Cable material in PVC, PUR, FEP or TPE.

smmtg  smmtg