IMSL Submersible Level Transmitter

The IMSL has been designed for use in continuous submersion in liquids such as water, oil and other non aggressive chemicals. The submersible uses the latest piezo resistive media isolated silicon sensing technology and a stainless steel diaphragm it offers excellent stability, repeatability and resolution required for use in river and reservoir measurement.

Nominal Pressure:

0-0.5 mWG to 0-100 mWG
Output Signals:
2-wire: 4-20 mA / 3-wire: 0-10 V others on request

+44 (0)117 9654615


Pressure range and engineering units, Pressure reference (Gauge or Sealed Gauge), Output Type, Accuracy (Non linearity & hysteresis), Thermal accuracy, Electrical connection, Cable material in PVC, PUR or FEP.

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